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How to Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel

How to Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel
Posted on 05/07/2018
Strong tooth enamel

Your enamel makes up the outer layer of your teeth, and there’s a reason that it's the strongest and most durable part of your body. Underneath that enamel is a collection of nerves and tissue that connect your teeth to the rest of your body. Unfortunately, that enamel is not indestructible, as acid created from bacteria and plaque that build up on your teeth will eat away at it, exposing the sensitive layers underneath. Once that bacteria gets past your enamel, it can spread much further than just your teeth, increasing your risk of general infection and heart disease. To prevent all of that bad stuff from happening, your best option is to keep your enamel strong and healthy. To make sure that you’re buffing up that first line of defense against tooth decay, here are some ways that you can strengthen your tooth enamel.

Enjoy Some Dairy, Fruits, & Veggies!

Your body needs some essential vitamins to keep your teeth strong, many of which can be found in the foods that you eat. Dairy products like cheese and yogurt have high amounts of calcium and protein, both of which are important components of your tooth enamel. Fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, and celery have a lot of fiber, which has a fibrous texture that acts as a sort of natural toothbrush, clearing away bacteria and stimulating your gums to promote good oral health. Just work some of these tooth-friendly foods into your diet and your smile will be stronger than ever!

Remineralize With Fluoride

The acid created by bacteria and plaque breaks down your tooth by stripping it of crucial vitamins and minerals, weakening the tooth’s structure until it basically falls apart; this process is called demineralization. The good news is that there is a secret weapon that can completely reverse the demineralization process, and it’s called fluoride. This magical mineral is actually naturally occurring is most natural water supplies, and can also be found in many toothpastes and mouthwashes. You may have even heard of fluoride before at your last visit with Dr. Styles, since fluoride rinses after your regularly scheduled dental cleaning help keep your smile healthy. What fluoride does is restore all of those vitamins and minerals to your teeth that the bacteria strips away, in a process called remineralization. As an bonus, if your teeth are already healthy, the extra vitamins and minerals from fluoride will actually make your enamel stronger, almost like a suit of armor for your teeth, protecting them from future decay.

Maintain A Consistent Oral Hygiene Routine

While the act of brushing and flossing won’t directly strengthen your enamel, using a fluoride toothpaste will. By maintaining a consistent and thorough oral health regimen throughout the day, you can keep your teeth free from food particles and bacteria, while giving your teeth a little extra protection with some fluoride. As a special tip from Dr. Styles, you can even try flossing before you brush your teeth, if you don’t do this already. By cleaning food particles out of hard to reach spots that would have been plugged up otherwise, the fluoride toothpaste can penetrate those spaces and make sure the enamel is strong.

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