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What To Do When Your Child Loses A Tooth

What To Do When Your Child Loses A Tooth
Posted on 02/28/2018
little boy with missing teeth.

As your child continues to grow, you can expect them to lose a few baby teeth, but losing a permanent tooth can be a little bit more nerve-wracking for a parent. To make sure you’re prepared with the know-how for whenever your child loses a tooth, your local San Antonio dental experts here at the office of Dr. Tom B. Styles has put together this quick guide on what to do. Also, to make sure that your kids grow up with a healthy, radiant smile, make sure they come to our office for their regular pediatric dental appointments!

When Your Child Loses A Baby Tooth

Your kids will have have a total 20 baby teeth as they continue to develop, and while they help with eating and speaking at a young age, they are only there to help your child’s mouth prepare for their permanent teeth that come in later. All of these teeth will fall out eventually and typically come out in the same order that they came in. Your kids can start losing their teeth anywhere between age 4 and 7, with some rare cases starting even earlier or later than that.

When you kids start losing these teeth, there really isn’t much to worry about other than taking them to regular dental and orthodontic visits to ensure that they don’t have any early signs of dental issues. As long as you do that, you can sit back and have a little bit of fun with your kids, getting them excited about a visit from the tooth fairy. If your kids start to play with a baby tooth that’s becoming loose, this is perfectly fine. The only thing that they should not do it try to pull it out, since the tooth will fall out on its own when it’s ready.

What To Do If There’s Bleeding After Losing A Baby Tooth

When a baby tooth does fall out, it’s may bleed. If this happens, just follow these steps:

  • Have your child rinse their mouth out with some water

  • If bleeding continues, have them bite down on a piece of gauze or a clean towel.

  • Check the bleeding every few minutes until it completely stops.   

Preparing Your Kids For Their Permanent Teeth

After your kids lose their teeth, the permanent teeth will start coming in after a few weeks. Take this chance to talk to your kids about their oral health, since those new teeth that will be erupting soon are the ones that are meant to last them for the rest of their life. Let them know how important it is that they take care of their permanent teeth, and help them develop good oral hygiene habits at home.

When Your Child Loses A Permanent Tooth  

Having a child lose a permanent tooth is enough to send most parents into panic mode, since we know that these teeth are meant to last forever. Losing a tooth is commonly seen with kids that play high-impact, contact sports, which is why we always recommend wearing protective mouthguards. However, in the event that your child loses a permanent tooth, just follow this step by step guide:

  1. Don’t panic

  2. Retrieve the tooth and hold it by the crown, not the root.

  3. Wash off the tooth, but do not scrub it or use soap

  4. Try to place the tooth back in the socket and hold it in place with gauze or a washcloth. If you can’t get it back in the socket, put it in a clean container with some milk.

  5. Contact a pediatric dentist right away to schedule an appointment.

As long as you follow these 5 simple steps, your child’s tooth can be saved more often than not. In the event that your child loses a permanent tooth, you can always contact us at the dental office of Tom B. Styles DDS, and we’ll be able to guide you through these steps while setting you up with an appointment as soon as possible.

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Whether they’ve lost a tooth or not, taking your child to the dentist will help ensure that their smile stays bright and healthy for a lifetime. At the dental office of Tom. B. Styles DDS, we offer comprehensive and professional dental care for the whole family. With our experienced team at your service, you can always feel confident that your family is getting the high-quality dental care that they deserve. Work with us to build a bright future for your kids full a radiant smiles by schedule their appointment today! If you have any additional questions about what to do when you kids lose teeth, or about our pediatric dental treatment, don’t hesitate to contact us to connect with a member of our staff who will be happy to assist you!