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Lady smilingHere at the practice of Tom B. Styles, DDS, we’re proud to supply all of the needed dental treatments to help ensure that your mouth is as healthy as it can possibly be. Our team is capable of offering you high-quality and efficient services, no matter if you’re looking for basic treatments or complex procedures. One of these services that we provide in a safe and effective manner is our endodontics in San Antonio, TX.

About Our Endodontics in San Antonio, TX

When a patient’s tooth is damaged beyond what can be treated with a filling, we’re able to perform endodontics (also known as a root canal) to preserve the tooth and retain its integrity. A root canal procedure will extract the decayed pulp from the center of the tooth, reshape the canal, and replace it with strengthened filler. In our San Antonio, TX office, we offer the latest in root canal therapy, which can make the treatment process more comfortable and more efficient.

Signs You May Need a Root Canal

There are several signs that may indicate that you need to undergo a root canal procedure. These include:

  • Inflamed or infected tooth pulp

  • Severe sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures

  • Swelling or tenderness near the tooth

  • Repeated dental procedures on a tooth

  • Trauma to a tooth

  • Extensive tooth decay

It’s important to visit your dentist if you’re suffering from any of these signs because when these problems are left untreated, extensive damage can be caused to the tooth structure.

Our Root Canal Procedure

While we’re sure that you’ve heard of the saying “I’d rather have a root canal than…” at some point in your life, the honest truth is that root canals aren’t painful at all! In fact, they’re really not much different from getting a simple filling. The root canal procedure is a pain-free process that follows these steps:

  • First, local anesthesia will be administered to numb the tooth and the surrounding area.

  • After the tooth is numb, a dental dam will be used to isolate the tooth.

  • The tooth will then be opened so the infected or dead dental pulp can be cleaned out.

  • With the usage of special tools, the canal will be reshaped.

  • The tooth will then be filled with a biocompatible filling material.

  • Finally, a temporary covering will be placed over the access opening.

After a root canal recovery period, you’ll come back so that we can place a permanent restoration on your tooth.

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